Sunday, September 28, 2008

China Melamine Scandal - How bad do business with Infant's Life

It was really sad story that most of people heard about infants affected in many thousands numbers in China due to contaminated milk which has melamine in considerable amount.

What is "Melamine" ?
Melamine is a chemical rich in nitrogen that is used in making plastics, glues and whiteboards.

However, Don't panic if you already had milk or milk related foods which has melamine. So, Far no issues.. It is really fine for Adults and no harm in significant. it based on level and usage also. However main issue identified for infants as for them milk is main food and if they had more melamine percentage milk items, they will get suffer with kidney failures and related diseases. So, Be careful for infants mainly.

Check more on :
And China's recent Melamine issue on

As i have seen, Singapore government taking serious action plan to save its people and you can get updated details from web site

And there you will able to see the listed food items which has banned to due to melamine. keep mointoring it. And FAQ and details also there.

Please pass this post details to every one who has infants in family and living in South / South East Asian Countries.

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