Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Suprising pay to Bank's CEO - UOB and DBS CEOs among top 10 best paid

It is surprise that Bank CEO's highly paid among the other industries even though financial crisis there in that sector...

Interesting news read full story at Channel News Asia.:

Chief executives at Singapore banks UOB and DBS are among the top ten best paid executives in the Asia Pacific.

A report by management consultancy Hay Group and The Asian Banker - which ranks the top 50 best paid CEOs in the region - said that UOB's Wee Ee Cheong is the 8th best paid CEO, taking home between US$3.82 and US$3.99 million a year.

In 9th spot was former DBS CEO Richard Stanley, who was due to be paid between US$3.3 and US$3.47 million. Mr Stanley died of cancer in April this year.

OCBC's David Conner was the 11th best paid CEO, with a salary range from US$2.6 to US$2.78 million.

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